About me

In this image, I am wearing reading glasses and a blue jumper, and smiling while sitting in front of a bookshelf.

I live and work in lutruwita/Tasmania, where I draw with charcoal on paper and bring objects to life through under-camera animation. I’m looking for the patterns that shape this place, feeling the weather on my skin, the sounds of birds and waves and wind, exploring history.

My mother’s family came to Australia from the 1830s, to land already peopled and never ceded; my father arrived from Scotland in the 1950s. In both places, I’m listening for the way memory is embedded in the land, in what is told and what is left out of settler and migration stories.

Alongside my art practice, I’m an editor, illustrator and teacher. I have a Master of Fine Arts (Research) from the University of Tasmania and a Graduate Diploma of Interactive Media from RMIT University. My work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo and nipaluna/Hobart, and in film festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and Istanbul.